Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today I get to tell you all about an AMAZING product, for both children and adults! 

Do you struggle with sleep? I do. I struggle with falling to sleep. Many nights I will lay in bed for hours, my mind too busy to allow sleep to come. 

Now, I have heard that white noise and sound machines can help you fall asleep. I've even tried a couple of them. Most of them are so repetitive... a short recording in a never-ending loop. These aren't relaxing to me at all, they are rather annoying in fact. Well, things have been lovely since I found the SOUND+SLEEP!

The SOUND+SLEEP sleep therapy system has several features that really makes it stand out among other sound machines.

SOUND+SLEEP's speaker is on TOP of the machine. 

The SOUND+SLEEP has high-definition sound. No tinny speakers, not quiet sound... it is rich, full sound that fills the room. Along with the high-definition sound, the SOUND+SLEEP also has a feature for Adaptive Sound.  Adaptive Sound technology allows the SOUND+SLEEP to listen to your environment and change the volume level to help mask the other noises that could disturb your sleep.

Even Percy couldn't resist checking the SOUND+SLEEP out!
The SOUND+SLEEP has 10 different sound stories...but with the "richness" feature you can make them more customized for you. The richness button will increase the different added sounds to your sound story. An example, you are listening to the Meditation sound story. When you push the richness button you add in other noises such as woodwinds, percussion, etc. (all depending on which sound story you have it on).

I really cannot say enough about this product... SOUND+SLEEP is truly amazing, and one of my favorite review products ever. 

Head on over to the website to listen to the sound profiles that could be lulling you to sleep in the near future. 
(My personal favorites...Meadow and Meditation) 

3 fantastic comments:

CrazyNutsMom said...

This sounds awesome!

We have a white noise machine that is not as awesome as this. We call it the whirly-do

these devices are great to take with you to the hotel! That way your kids will go to sleep with all the traffic going by your door!

I'm a new follower.


Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

Oh wow, I want this! I always have trouble falling asleep too. I bought a clock with sound features (chimes, waves, and frogs)...they're nice to listen to, but are totally fake-sounding and not relaxing. This sounds like it would be fantastic.

My Recent Favorite Books said...

This sounds great! Ive used a fan..
( for the white noise ) but this sounds so much better!

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