Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mild by Nature- Madre Labs

"To create truly innovative and unique formulations of the highest quality, assisting our health-minded customers in supporting the well-being of their babies by offering finished products that WE OURSELVES would use.

At Madre Labs, we strive to use only the finest natural ingredients deemed acceptable by our discriminating customers, as well as our peers in the natural products industry."

Do you like the best possible product to be used on your baby? I know I want to know that there aren't chemicals that will harm my child while I try to keep my child clean. Mild by Nature has an entire line of bath products just for your baby.

Mild by Nature features the No no-no's label. What does that mean?

"No sulfates, parabens, dyes, animal ingredients and animal testing."

""NO No-No's" is our trademarked logo, signifying that we have cross-referenced multiple documents/databases while searching for acceptable ingredients for our products, which are considered gentle, biodegradable and “green”, and have received good safety ratings.

We worked with our formulators and chemists to ensure that we used only the finest ingredients listed on two "2010 Acceptable Lists" for Personal Care (Baby), which were developed by two well-respected organizations in our industry. Also, we referenced an industry-recognized online cosmetic ingredient safety database to further fine-tune our Innovative Baby Care Formulations."

We received the entire line of products for review. I love the idea behind this line of products. After using them, I can say there isn't anything that I found extraordinary during use, but the products all did their job and left my baby feeling clean.... and me with a sense of security. 

My favorite product out of the line was the Everyday Lotion. It is thick, and really helps dry patches. 
 A big plus, is that all these products are made in the U.S.A. with Eco-Friendly packaging which is recyclable. The bottle also says 100% WindEnergy, so I am assuming that is how the plant is powered (which is pretty neat if I do say so myself)!

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